Rochana Ebini Jackson

Rochana Ebini Jackson


Rochana (pronouns: she/her) has spent the majority of her professional career working in Talent Acquisition and Management, most recently at Meta (formerly known as Facebook), always with an intentional focus on increasing the diversity of representation of otherwise under-represented communities. Throughout her professional career, Rochana has been on DEI Boards and led ERGs at her organisations with the proactive mission to create more visibility and amplify the voices of marginalised communities in and out of the tech industry.

An advocate of “less talk, more action” – and someone who is hugely data-driven in her approach to everything – Rochana operates as a business consultant in the space where DEI Strategy meets Data and is the CEO at Divrsity, an industry-agnostic platform which enables organisations of all sizes to collect anonymised GDPR-compliant diversity-related data which organisations can then turn into actionable insights and used to build truly effective DEI strategies that are as measurable as they are impactful.

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