Lydia Wu

Lydia Wu


Lydia is a results driven and customer-centric human capital leader experienced in the ideation, implementation and management of HR strategies, programs, technologies, operating models, process (re)designs, and organizational change, for businesses ranging from regional start-ups to global Fortune 100 companies

She serves as a trusted partner and c-suite advisor with in-depth understanding of HR and talent related challenges facing organizations of various sizes and at various stages of growth and maturity

Lydia has a proven track record of solving complex HR and human capital challenges by using a data-driven approach, focusing on the big picture while executing on the tactical details, and creating positive organizational change through meticulous change management and the application of digital technologies and analytics

She is skilled at focusing on the big picture while executing on the tactical details. Her experience in analyzing various types of information, and collaborating with both technical experts and business executives has given her the unique ability to derive crucial insights and drive business strategies that improve efficiency and enable better operations.

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