Holly Magnuson
TE Connectivity 
Global HR Strategy, Communications, Change Management, HR4HR
Holly Paine

Holly Paine Magnuson, Global HR Strategy, Communications, Change Management, HR4HR at TE Connectivity 

Holly has over two decades of progressive talent leadership experience in various Fortune 500 companies and industries, as well as in non-profit and psychological assessment consulting. Her experiences include leading in organizations such as GE, Hershey, Chewy, and Hogan Assessments. She currently leads initiatives that advance TE’s global HR strategy, HR communications, change management, and HR4HR at TE Connectivity.

Leveraging a variety of deep functional and broad global leadership experience in both B2C and B2B organizations, Holly is known for quickly and accurately assessing talent, leadership, and organizational needs, mobilizing teams, processes, and systems to move organizations ahead. She believes that people ultimately make up the true competitive advantage of a company, bringing a company’s assets to life and creating unique cultures that cannot be imitated.

Uniquely corporate and creative, she is honored to serve others alongside her amazing family in sunny South Florida.