Ashanti Bentil-Dhue

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue


Ashanti Bentil-Dhue is the CEO and founder of Good Soil Leaders® which is an inclusive work culture training and coaching company specialising  in helping diversity, equity and inclusion teams and professionals globally. Ashanti is able to bring the experience she gained from several years spent as a Regulatory Compliance AVP in the finance sector for the likes of Santander Bank, Barclaycard and the Financial Ombudsman Service. This experience has given Ashanti an understanding of corporate governance and challenges associated with leadership and executing transformation and workplace culture shifts.

In addition to Ashanti’s consulting and public speaking, she has been a judge for a number of awards panels, including the Eventex Awards, Independent Publisher Awards and the Virtual Event Institute Awards. Companies worked with include Changing Lives Charity, British Land, Lloyds Banking Group, City Pantry / Just Eat Group, Spinks, Dr Care Anywhere, DIAL Global, IBTM and Professional Publishers Association.

Ashanti curates and hosts 2 successful podcasts, The Good Soil Podcast is aimed at businesses revealing what they need to know in order to identify, select and engage the right DEI experts, at the right time to ensure they convert ROI on their diversity, equity and inclusion investments. Confessions of a DEI Practitioner is for practitioners and consultants offering a critical analysis of the state of the DEI industry, led by those actually doing the work with organisations; speaking openly about the skills, competencies and qualities required by those doing this work.

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